In the Orlando area, there’s one trusted name in property restoration: Property RX.

When your residential or commercial structures have suffered water damage you need experienced professionals you can rely on to restore your property quickly and efficiently. Property RX has the team of experts you need on call 24 hours a day. You can depend on us to solve any water-related damage fast.

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Home Water Rescue

Water Damage Orlando

It can happen in any home: water leaks, burst pipes, or flooding. To prevent extensive water damage in your home you need a fast-response team that shows up when you need them; not during business hours. That’s who we are. We’re Property RX. The help you need NOW.


Our 24-hour response line ensures you’ll get the help you need any time of the day or night. We’ll send the right team for the job whether it’s big or small. We can handle any water emergency, cleanup, restoration, or repair in the Greater Orlando area.

When we’re done there’s no mess for you to deal with. We also bill your insurer directly so you can go on with your daily routine knowing everything is taken care of.


We know your personal property isn’t just carpets and furniture. You also have family heirlooms and mementos that mean a great deal to you and your family. We carefully remove room contents as quickly as possible to protect these treasured items on your behalf and offer temporary storage if needed. If items like carpets, rugs, and furniture can be restored at less cost to you than replacement we will do so.


Surveying the aftermath of water damage to your property can be unnerving. We’re there to guide you through the process. We’ll do a walk-through of your home or business and explain in detail how the restoration process will proceed and keep you informed of our progress throughout.


To effectively and professionally stop water damage in its tracks we must act quickly. Our advanced water removal system enables us to extract large volumes of water. Then we begin with specialized equipment to effectively dry the area and prevent mold or other damage.


To protect your family’s health as well as your property’s structure, disinfection is vital. With water damage comes viruses, mold, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. Our intensive disinfection treatment ensures your family is protected.

Mold Remediation Services

The Property RX team members are certified mold remediation experts. We are highly-qualified and experienced to handle any sized project.

Damp, warm places with poor airflow in your home or business structure are paradise to mold fungi. Mold can happen in any structure due to:

  •       Plumbing Issues
  •       HVAC System Issues 
  •       Mold Inspection
  •       Heavy Flooding 

When water isn’t eradicated, or the area isn’t dried professionally and disinfected, mold can invade the area and cause damage when you think the problem has been solved


Mold in the home causes more than just property damage. It can also seriously affect your family’s health and destroy any equity you have in your investment.

Mold spores travel through your HVAC ductwork into the entire home. The spores can cause serious health complications such as sinus problems, skin issues, and breathing difficulties.

If mold is left to propagate long enough, it can cause your home to become a community hazard and be condemned.

Don’t let this happen!

Call Property RX – Your Mold Remediation Partner

Our expert team has years of experience providing mold remediation solutions for hundreds of homeowners in the Orlando area.

We begin by doing a thorough property inspection that includes a health and safety check. We provide you with a full technical assessment. Before we begin remediation we remove any contents from your property that require isolation before a professional restoration.

The core of our task will be to locate the source of your mold problem and eliminate it. Then we remove the mold and repair any damage from the process.

Fire & Smoke

The Property RX team is fully qualified to handle any fire or smoke damage to your home or business. Whether your problem is contained to a small area in one room or an entire floor of your home has been damaged, we’re the qualified partner you need to restore your property professionally.

By contacting us via our 24-hour response line, you can rest assured our highly-trained team is on the way anywhere in the Greater Orlando area.

Upon arrival, our team will do a thorough damage assessment and provide you with a detailed plan for restoration and repair. Then we get to work repairing any fire, smoke, or water damage resulting from the fire.

Our Services Include

  • Water Extraction
  • Removal of Debris
  • Property Contents Storage
  • Removal of Soot & Smoke
  • Decontamination
  • Property Restoration & Repair
  • We Work With Your Insurer


At Property RX we don’t just believe we’re restoring your property. We know we’re restoring your life back to normal. It’s important to know everything has been solved properly by consummate professionals who do the job right the first time. That’s who we are. It’s our mission to be the only name you need for property restoration and repair. We’re the best because we’re there when you need us.

Our highly-qualified team consists of licensed and bonded industry professionals with decades of experience restoring residential and commercial properties in the Orlando area. We’ve earned a stellar reputation from hundreds of satisfied clients.

Property RX Project Managers have the expertise to complete your restoration properly and to code. They work with highly-trained crews to finish the job quickly.

Our Project Managers will include you in the process from start to finish, reporting the status as the work progresses. You can rest assured your project is in the most capable hands in the industry. That’s who we are.


  •       Sealing the Area
  •       Immediate Repairs
  •       Complete Reconstruction 
  •       Demolition
  •       Loss Reporting


We’re Property RX.