Your Reliable & Trusted Team of Construction Experts

When a disaster causes damage to your home or business property it can be devastating in many ways. Watching fire destroy a whole floor or flooding creep up the stairs can have lingering effects on both your property and your life.

We understand how unnerving this can be and that’s why we offer a 24-hour response line so you can get the help you need when you need it, whether it’s in the middle of the night or not. We’ll take the call and send assistance right away. It’s who we are. We’re Property RX.

When your property has sustained small or extensive damage, you need construction help now. Each damage occurrence is different. We assess the damage and present you with a detailed rebuild plan.

Our highly-skilled team can repair and restore your property quickly, efficiently, and to code. We also communicate directly with your insurer to expedite things and take that task off your hands. Having Property RX and our qualified team of consummate professionals will give you the peace of mind you need.


Construction & Rebuild of Residential Property – Our years of expertise benefit you during a residential property construction project. Let our qualified team complete your project properly the first time.

Construction & Rebuild of Commercial Property – If your business facility has suffered damage from fire, smoke, or water our advanced equipment and team of skilled project managers can get you back in business quickly.

Apartment Buildings & Multi-Family Structures – Being a landlord can be difficult in the best of times. But when your properties have suffered water, fire, or mold damage it can be dangerous if not illegal to neglect necessary repairs. We’ll take care of any damage needed and make sure your property is safe and legal.

Emergency Construction & Rebuilds – If a severe storm has thrown a tree limb through your second-story window, or fire has damaged the integrity of your framing, you need help NOW. Our skilled team will assess the damage and perform any immediate repairs needed.

Repair from Storm Damage – In Florida, severe weather is commonplace. If your home, business, or other structures have suffered storm damage we’ll restore it quickly and professionally.

Demolition & Controlled Demolition – Our experienced construction team will arrive on-site to assess the parts of structures or whole structures you want to be taken down. We’ll perform the task safely without damage to surrounding structures.

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