Your Reliable & Trusted team of Restoration experts

The experts at property RX have helped hundreds of Orlando area home and business owners with professional repairs after fire, water, and mold damage. Our years of experience ensure your property will be completely restored as good as new.

We understand the urgency of any restoration project which is why we offer a 24-hour emergency response line. We’ll be there when you need us, not just during normal business hours.

Choosing Property RX as your reliable, professional, and highly-qualified restoration team will be the best decision you make for your property. Because we handle any type of property damage, you only need one number on hand. We provide you with a specified contact person from our restoration team to keep you informed through the entire process.

We also communicate directly with your insurer on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with your day knowing the financial side of things is taken care of.

For all your property repair needs, call Property RX – Your Dependable Restoration Partner.


Residential Restoration from Fire & Smoke Damage – We repair single or multiple family properties. We assess the damage, offer a detailed plan for repair and restoration, and keep you informed throughout the process. Our expertise in this area ensures the work is done efficiently and to code.

Residential Restoration from Water Damage – When a pipe bursts or water is flooding into your home you can’t wait until tomorrow. You need help NOW. That’s who we are. We’ll be there when YOU need us. We remove the water, dry the area completely and disinfect using our specialized system.

Commercial Restoration from Fire & Smoke Damage – When you own a business, you can’t lose productivity for even a day. We understand the urgency involved in repairing fire and smoke damage on your commercial property. You need to be back operating at full capacity as quickly as possible. By using our 24-hour response line you can be sure we’ll arrive stat to clean, repair, salvage, and restore.

Commercial Restoration from Water Damage – Damage from water can cause not just immediate problems but long-term as well. You could also end up with a weakened structure or even extensive mold issues. To bring your commercial property back to safety code you need our expert team on the job. We’ll make sure the repairs are done quickly and effectively to avoid any future issues.

Dehumidification Services – If water from a burst pipe, leak, or flooding isn’t effectively removed and the area dried and disinfected you could end up with mold issues over time. Our advanced system ensures the area will be safe well into the future with no mold or health issues later on.

Decontamination of HVAC Systems – This is important as mold spores from excess water can grow and be sent in the ductwork throughout your entire property. This can seriously affect the health of your staff. We dry, clean, and decontaminate your system to avoid these issues.

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