Professional Mold Remediation in Lake Mary

If your home or business facility has been damaged by fire, it can be devastating. Even after the first responders leave. Why? Because to put the fire out they use a lot of water. If that water isn’t professionally removed and the damaged areas dried thoroughly and disinfected, you could end up with mold. And it won’t just stay in that isolated area. Mold spreads quickly and can end up being more damaging to your property than the initial fire.

What you need is a highly qualified company with the expertise and advanced equipment necessary to remove every drop of excess water from the area. We also repair and restore your home as good or better than new. We’re Property RX. Restoring your home and your life back to normal is what we do.

Experienced Home Restoration

Our expert team has decades of experience restoring properties after water damage, fire damage. We also know our way around a proper mold remediation method that will give you the peace of mind you need when mold has invaded your home.

Mold remediation is not only important to correct for your property value, but it’s also a threat to your family’s health. Mold can cause breathing issues that lead to more severe health problems later. We’ll make sure your family is safe.

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