Expert Mold Remediation in Minneola

Mold might be the biggest nightmare a homeowner faces. You saved for years to purchase your property and due to storm damage or flooding, black mold has been silently destroying your investment without you even knowing it. Once discovered, it becomes not only a financial issue but a health issue for you and your family.

Mold can ruin your investment and completely wipe out any equity you’ve built up over the years. Without professional mold remediation, no buyer will come near it. What’s the answer? Call the experts in mold damage to completely restore your home to its former glory. Your local experts in property restoration can make your mold nightmare disappear. In Minneola that company is Property RX.

Experienced Mold Removal and Property Repair

Our licensed team knows how to handle your mold problem quickly and efficiently. We arrive on-site to assess the damage and inspect every inch of your home for other affected areas. We use the latest advanced equipment and technology to remove this silent invader from your home, making it safe for your family again.

We offer a wide array of other property repair services including restoration from fire damage, water damage restoration, dehumidification, construction, demolition, and more. Don’t trust your property to just any firm. Call the experts to restore your property and protect your investment.

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